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Hard-bound registers provide enduring records and enable your facility to furnish accurate information quickly. Our bound books are ideal for reference and statistical purposes.  They are used and approved by thousands of hospitals and medical facilities across the world.
High quality, standardized registers can be ordered from stock at reasonable cost. Substantial 28-lb white ledger stock is used in our hard-bound cloth-covered books. Pages are pen-ruled and printed 2 sides.
Finest materials and workmanship assure long-lasting permanent records.
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K-175  Coronary Care Register
A-155 Patients' Register
Not for Sale.
A-158  Patients Register
Not for Sale.
A-160  Patients Register
Not for Sale.
A-164  Patients Register
A-166  Patients Register
C-154  Register of Births
C-155  Register of Births
C-156  Register of Births
C-157  Register of Deaths
C-158  Register of Deaths
E-151 Lab Register
Not for Sale.
E-152  Lab Register
E-405  Blood Bank Register
F-151  X-Ray Register
F-152  X-Ray Register
F-360  Ultrasound Register
F-362  Nuclear Medicine Register
F-366  MRI Register
G-151  Register of Operations
G-152  Register of Operations
G-154 Operating Room Register
G-155  Operating Room Register
G-156  Register of Operations
G-157  Register of Operations
G-158  Register of Operations
G-160  Same Day Surgery Register
G-163  Laser Procedures Log
G-165  Endoscopy Register
G-167  Implant Log
G-171  Emergency Room Register
G-172  Emergency Room Register
G-175  Emergency Room Register
G-176  Emergency Room Register
G-425  Multipurpose Register
G-525  Multipurpose Register
H-201  Delivery Room Register
H-202  Delivery Room Register
H-207  Delivery Room Record
H-208  Delivery Room Record
H-209  Delivery Room Register
H-212  Newborn Nursery Register
K-153  Anesthesia Register
K-154  Anesthesia Register
K-155  Anesthesia Register
K-161  Recovery Room Register
K-162  Recovery Room Register
K-165  PACU Log
K-170  Intensive Care Register
K-173  Telemetry Register
M-151  Narcotic Record
M-154  Narcotic Record
M-158  Record of DACA Drugs Administered
Not for Sale.
O-151  Daily Time Book
Not for Sale.
R-101  Clinic Register
R-105  Cancer Accession Register
R-225  Outpatient Register
1-VR  Visitors Register